Top 3 Strategies to Get the Best Furniture Deal

OfficeFurnitureBuying furniture for your office can be one of the most complicated and confusing parts of any business relocation or renovation project.

Most companies are advised that the best way to buy furniture is to “Bundle.” In other words, purchase all your workstations, seating, private office and conference room furniture from one manufacturer. However, bundling does not necessarily guarantee a better discount. So what can you do to get the deepest discount for the volume you’re looking to purchase?

1. Realize that every request you make of the manufacturer has a cost.

Don’t just ask for payment terms or list price holds that you are not going to need. The manufacturer has a cost for each request you make, which will impact the discount that’s offered. Be selective.

2. Is there such a thing as “free freight”?

We all know there’s no such thing as free, and freight is no exception. Since there’s a cost for shipping product from one place to another, the cost of freight has to go somewhere. So, where is it? It’s buried in the cost of the goods, which means you are paying tax on both the products and the freight. Ask for freight to be separated from the product cost. Since freight isn’t taxable, it will save you some cash.

3. Know how to bid products and manufacturers fairly and competitively against each other.

Make sure product lines are comparable in quality, specifications, performance, flexibility and price. In business, whether we are completing for a new account or for the next position, we all dig a little deeper when we are in fear of our competition. Buying furniture isn’t any different. Knowing how to get each manufacturer and product to compete with each other is the best way to increase demand for your business.

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Helen DennisHelen Dennis is the President and co-founder of 300 Decisions, a strategic, full-service business relocation management company specializing in helping organizations transition into new work environments without disrupting business operations.



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