Importance of Planning the Decommission Early

Wrecking BallOne of the most common mistakes in planning a relocation is not committing enough time and energy toward the decommissioning of the old space. This is understandable as your time is already heavily invested in real estate, design, construction, furniture, technology and moving activities. The important aspect of vacating your space without penalty is often addressed much too late.

When a company is planning its relocation process, it’s a common occurrence for the move date to be scheduled near the lease expiration date.

When this happens, companies are often left with a week to a couple months to decommission and vacate the space – which isn’t enough time to do it right. It is extremely important for these activities to be planned in conjunction with the relocation process. Otherwise, you may find your move vendor and decommissioning vendor fighting for time and resources – like the elevators and loading docks – and costing you delays, time and money.

Create a plan early in the process to clear out your old space. What’s happening with your old furniture? Many organizations choose to sell, refurbish or recycle old equipment – or donate to local schools or charitable organizations. You can also hire a company to come in and collect items and resell them. This can include office furniture, network/telecom gear, cabling and other items not making the move.

Include a plan for the clean up of your old space and have a plan for rubbish. You may want to consult with your mover to see if they offer clean up services. You may need to hire a clean up crew or talk to the owner/new tenant of the old space to discuss their plans. You may be able to avoid some costs if you plan far enough in advance.

Quick Tips:

  • Obtain lease documents to determine responsibility for leaving space
  • Coordinate decommissioning/removal schedule with building management
  • Coordinate the repair of any damages
  • Arrange for any signage that needs to come down
  • Remove everything from space and arrange for cleaning
  • Complete a walkthrough with building management to ensure you have met lease obligations
  • Take a video or photographs of the space for record purposes


Matt DennisMatthew Dennis is the COO and co-founder of 300 Decisions, a strategic, full-service relocation management company specializing in helping organizations transition into new work environments without disrupting business operations.


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