Mapping New Printers During an Office Relocation

With the amount of details IT departments must keep track of when moving to a new space, it’s not uncommon for simple tasks – such as mapping new printers – to become an afterthought. It’s a job that may only take minutes, but should be planned for before the relocation. After moving hundreds of people, this time can add up and cause unneeded downtime when you’re trying to get your employees back to work.

Mapping new printers can be planned and executed from multiple angles. Communication is an important part of this. Employees are typically thinking about packing and getting ready for the move, not what they need to set up on the first day at their new location. If you’re having employees map their own printers, letting them know this ahead of time and communicating exactly how to do this will keep this task simple and not a point of contention about their move experience.

Mapping New Printers During an Office RelocationProviding floor plans with locations of all printers in advance of the move will help employees identify which printer is closest to them and will be their primary printer. They may even have the option to map the device before their move. Using signage, flags or balloons is also helpful to identify where the new printers are when they arrive at their new location. This makes them easily identifiable and beats the alternative of walking up and down aisles to figure out the location of the closest printer.

Leaving business cards at each of the printers with the printer name is another great way to make it easy on the employees. They find the closest printer, pick up the business card and bring it back to their computer to map it. Printer names are not always the easiest to remember so this process makes it very easy. It must also not be taken for granted that every employee knows how to map a printer. Leaving a set of instructions on their desk ensures that they know exactly which steps to follow when they arrive.

The other option is for IT groups to use technology that automatically maps printers based on the employee’s proximity to it. Another new technology is creating an online map users can use to see the floor plan with printer locations and simply click the printer to have it mapped to their device. Many companies are moving to print on demand, where users can send a print job, go to any printer and swipe their ID or enter a code to have job begin. Regardless of the methods used, it’s critical that it’s planned in advance of the move and communicated to employees. Otherwise, you may find your IT staff spending the majority of the first day running around handling printer issues instead of focusing on higher priority issues.


Matt DennisMatthew Dennis is the COO and co-founder of 300 Decisions, a strategic, full-service relocation management company specializing in helping organizations transition into new work environments without disrupting business operations.


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