When Can Employees Return to the Office During a Move?

When Can Employees Return to the Office During a Move?With the majority of major relocations taking place over the course of a weekend, eager employees may ask when they can come in and set up their new workstation. While it’s typically discouraged for employees to come into the office during a move weekend, there are times where it is necessary and must be included as part of the relocation plan.

Employees are discouraged from coming in because, although the move usually takes place Friday and is completed by Saturday, there is still work to make sure everything is set up and ready for the first day. This could include quality checks by movers and IT vendors making sure everything is properly located and all computers and phones are connected and functioning. Typically there is a final cleaning to make sure everything is neat and orderly.

If employees were to come in Saturday during these activities, they may panic when something is missing or not working. It’s important to have this time for quality checks, which is why moves are typically scheduled to occur over weekends. Employees arriving early to unpack can actually be a detriment as they may negatively impact these quality checks by asking for resources that have not been planned.

There are times when it is necessary for employees to come in over the weekend. This may include phone training on a new system if it has not been provided previously. This is especially true for call centers as they cannot afford a learning curve on Monday. Some employees may need to test applications to make sure they’re functioning correctly because again, they cannot afford to wait until Monday to see if they function properly. Lastly, there may be critical support groups that need to be unpacked and ready to go so they can support the rest of the business getting settled in on Monday. This often includes IT, facilities and administrative support.

Regardless of your decisions on who is allowed in the new space and when, make sure this is clearly communicated to all of the employees to avoid any unnecessary delays and disruptions.


Matt DennisMatthew Dennis is the COO and co-founder of 300 Decisions, a strategic, full-service relocation management company specializing in helping organizations transition into new work environments without disrupting business operations.


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