How Do You Define Move Management?

officespaceThis blog probably isn’t titled correctly. You could call it Move Management, Move Coordination, Relocation Management, Business Transition or the numerous other titles often used to refer to the act of planning, coordinating and overseeing the activities involved to relocate a business. For the sake of consistency, let’s refer to it as Move Management. Defining the title of the industry is difficult enough, defining what it means is even harder.

Move Management means many different things to many different people. The industry is relatively new in the US and you would be hard pressed to find more than a few firms that have more than 20 years of experience specific to the Move Management industry. Move Management evolved from the Project Management industry. A handful of visionaries across the country saw a specific need to provide inclusive Move Management services to companies that were otherwise receiving a basic offering.

You’d think that after a couple decades of this type of business growing from small local companies to departments in global real estate groups that the function would be more defined. Many vendors and companies simply consider move management the act of hiring a mover and supervising/overseeing that vendor and providing basic instructions to end users on how to prepare for the move. By this definition, there are many qualified companies – including moving companies – that can offer these types of services.

However, when you factor in all the activities required to relocate an organization without disruption, you’ll see it’s much more complicated than simply hiring and supervising a mover. True Move Management requires complicated logistical planning that occurs months or even years before the move. Part of this process involves what is often referred to as Change Management. Designers deal with the change of space, the function of the workplace and manage some of the cultural aspects of the project. Move Management can and should involve communicating the changes to stakeholders and how they impact the business and employees. This includes everything from address and phone modifications to changes in parking, security and nearby amenities, to name just a few.

When deciding if your organization needs Move Management services, the first step is defining what Move Management means to you and what is important to the business. Need help deciding if you need a Move Manager? This checklist lists the major areas to address when choosing a Move Management provider.


Matt DennisMatthew Dennis is the COO and co-founder of 300 Decisions, a strategic, full-service relocation management company specializing in helping organizations transition into new work environments without disrupting business operations.


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