Cleaning up Before your Office Relocation

Many activities are involved when planning major office relocation, so it’s no surprise that developing a proper clean-up or purge campaign strategy is often neglected. With a proper clean-up program in place, you can save money by not only avoiding the cost of moving unnecessary items, but may even find that you need less space for files and supplies.

Cleaning up Before Your Office RelocationNothing is worse than that embarrassing, post-move moment when you watch your employees empty items from their moving crates directly into the trash. Whether they didn’t have the time while packing, or realized they didn’t have as much space as they thought, this can be avoided with proper planning and implementation of a clean-up program.

Although many companies have committed days or weeks every year for cleaning out old records, this typically is not enough to prepare you for your move. It usually takes several months of dedicated activities to properly reduce the amount of unneeded materials. These strategies all focus on employee engagement and should be done multiple times in the months leading up to your move. These include communications posted around your office space, scavenger hunts or other games, causal dress down day or a pizza day. Sometimes food can be the best motivator!

You could also turn your clean-up campaign into a philanthropic event by working with local charities, schools and churches to donate your excess office supplies and furniture. This can take more time and effort, but is usually worth it for the chance to help out less-fortunate organizations and divert perfectly good supplies from going to a landfill.

This is one of many aspects of relocation management that can save your organization time and money — and provide you the assurance your business will be relocated without disruption. Want to learn more? Download this comprehensive Relocation Infographic.


Matt DennisMatthew Dennis is the COO and co-founder of 300 Decisions, a strategic, full-service relocation management company specializing in helping organizations transition into new work environments without disrupting business operations.


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