5 Simple Tasks to Help Relocate Without Disruption

Red StaplerWhen planning a corporate relocation, there can be an overwhelming number of tasks to be completed and details to oversee. That being the case, it might be tempting to leave a few things to be done AFTER you move in – especially if you’re doing the move yourself and have too much on your plate to begin with. If you’re a Facility or Office Services Manager – that’s definitely the case!

As tempting as it may be, there are a few things you may regret not taking care of BEFORE the move. Below is a list of five things you’ll want to get set-up for the new office – well before you move in.

  1. Coffee, Vending & Water – Any Monday morning is brutal without our beloved (and for some – required) morning jolt of caffeine, be it coffee, tea or a Diet Coke. Try to imagine post-move Monday without an ample supply of these tasty beverages – NOT a pleasant thought! If you can ONLY get one of these items checked off your To Do list before the move, this is the one to get done.
  2. Pantry Supplies – Even if it’s a simple as paper towels and dish soap, make sure you’re well stocked for Day 1 in your new space. If possible, order in advance and have everything stocked-up and ready to go. If you have an ample supply of these items at your current location and you’ll be relocating what you have, try to get enough supplies there before the move. There’s nothing worse than having to unpack crates to get to the dish soap when the CEO wants to wash a coffee mug before pouring the first cup of coffee at the new office.
  3. Janitorial Service – Janitorial services are often provided by the building management service and incorporated into you lease, rather than you having to contract them yourself. So even if it’s part of building services, take time to meet with the building services coordinator and the head of the janitorial/ cleaning services team at least a month in advance of your move. This will give you an opportunity to establish a relationship with these key individuals, making the transition to the new space easier for you and for them. About three days before moving in, send a reminder to have all the restrooms stocked with paper products and soap.
  4. Office Supplies – Again, you may have more than enough at your current office such that nothing new needs to be ordered. If supplying pens and paperclips is part of the Facilities/Office Services bailiwick, then try to get some supplies over early, or come in over the move weekend to get a minimal amount of these items unpacked so people aren’t chasing you and your team for these things on Day 1.
  5. Print/Copy Supplies – Make sure the printers, copiers and MFDs are stocked with paper and ready to print. No fun digging for a ream of paper when someone needs to get something printed first thing Monday morning.


Helen DennisHelen Dennis is the President and co-founder of 300 Decisions, a strategic, full-service business relocation management company specializing in helping organizations transition into new work environments without disrupting business operations.



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